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Olvo x Mr Clasik - Working All Day


Third single from my upcoming album "Limitless Possibilities"

"This track is an ode to all the people that work their assess off during the week and still manage to keep their heads high. If you go through your 9 to 5 and you have a side-hustle to keep you going, this is your anthem." Mr.Clasik

Mastering by Pieter De Wagter at Equus Studio
Lyrics by Mr.Clasik
Recorded at S.A.M. Studio
Mixed and Produced by Olvo
Published by Jaune Orange
Released by Low Kick Records

Music Video Directed by Julien Mottet as "Tools Of Dad"

Thank you :
Marie Tombal, Romain Troupin, Corentin Lambert, Germain Ozer, Julien Mottet, Rémy Marchal, Maud Dan, Martin Botte, Martin Legrand, Jerry Tshiani pour Nectar, Deux Treize et le S.A.M, Thomas Duquesne, Alison Psathas, Anthony Sinatra pour Jaune Orange Publishing, Marianne Cattoir et Sebastien Deprez pour Five Oh, Pieter De Wagter pour Equus.

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